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Hire Live Ensembles and Dance Bands, Premium Affordable DJ Services, Elegant String Quartets and Trios, Comedians, Variety Entertainers and Stage Shows, Celebrity Emcees and Keynote Speakers.  Book the Best in Local Talent and National Acts. Our Professional Consultants currently serve:  New York, New Jersey, The San Francisco Bay Area,  Chicago, Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego, Portland, Southwest Oregon, Boston, New England, Philadelphia, Seattle.  Listen Instantly To MP3 Samples Of Many Of The Most Exciting Live Bands to make hiring easy. Read Detailed In Depth Descriptions And Critiques And See Pictures Of Many Fun Entertainers And Performers. Rent DJ services or Contract a Band.  The Number One Source For Booking Live Music And Entertainment Is Now Easy For You To Use On The Web But You Can Also Contact One Of Our Consultants Any Time To Answer Your Questions on Hiring The Best And Help You With Ideas With everything from Entertainers To Renting Facilities.

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